Monday, August 15, 2005

Where's the bunting?

I walked out of the airport, brushing aside several taxi drivers. I was met by by friend Evelina, her brother and her mother. No red carpet, no fanfare, and not a single piece of bunting in sight.

It was great to finally meet Evelina. We have been close friends for several years after meeting on the Super Dimention Fortress, an international computer community based on several massive unix servers.

Evelina's brother drove us from the airport to Yerevan, passing through a copy of Las Vegas on the way. We reached the apartment that evelina had found for me slightly after 6am.

The apartment consists of a large bedroom conating a piano, dresser, a bed and a sofa bed, a kitchen/dining room and a bathroom. It felt huge and luxurious after spending so much time in airports.

Recent time spent in airports:
Heathrow: 11 hours
Stanstead: 9 hours
Prague: 9 hours
Yerevan: 1.5 hours(although it seemed like days)

Evelina was very tired so we decided to meet at midday. Jetlag, caffiene and excitement coupled with the fact that I had slept on the flight, meant that I wasn't tired at all. I did manage to sleep a bit, and felt quite refreshed when I woke up at 10am.

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