Thursday, August 18, 2005

Weak As I Am

I woke up feeling slightly better, but still very much ill. I had had very strange dreams, most of which were based around drowning at night. I put this down to too much time spent in the bathroom.

I still very very weak, so despite my lack of appitite I thought I should eat something, both to regain strength and to put something solid in my stomach. For the last few days I've been living off fruit juice and tap water. I ate some bread that I had previously bought. It turned out to be sweet, and reasonably palatable.

At 1pm I went out for a walk which made me feel better. I bought some chese, fruit juice and toilet paper. Most toilet paper here seems to be made of shredded cardboard, asbestos and carcenogenic binders. The cheese claims to be "Premium quality processed cheese". It tastes very processed and not at all quality.

At 3pm I decided to head for the Internet cafe. Although it is less than ten minutes from my apartment, getting there involves crossing a major road. Few people in the UK would ever consider trying to cross a busy motorway, but that is essentially what I must do to go anywhere. And so it was with great aprehension that I left my apartment once more...

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sunflowerinrain said...

Do hope you'll survive! I'm just catching up, having been mostly 'netless.