Friday, August 19, 2005

Two More Lists

People Who Will Be First Against The Wall
(1)People who clap to music
(2)People who like to sing
(3)People who dance
(4)People who carry musical instruments in public
(5)People who tell me they are having the greatest time ever
(6)People who smoke anywhere near me
(7)People who write books on the history of salt, fish, zinc etc.

What I like
(1)Women who hug me
(2)Gun control
(3)Well designed computer software
(4)Drinking water
(5)Friendly, intelligent men with massive beards
(6)Films about nuclear war
(7)Strangers who say good morning when I'm out walking at an unusually early hour
(8)People who drive very well
(9)Novels and films where the main character dies
(10)People who dress badly because they don't give a damn

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