Friday, August 26, 2005

A Lunch To End All Lunches

I had a long lie-in this morning, followed by a long shower and a long period of trying to watch CNN without exploding with anger. The lack of news coverage is just one of the thousands of reasons to hate CNN, but is probably the most important one. The main news story from the US seems to be that Bush is becoming less popular due to the situation in Iraq. Hardly surprising. nor interesting. Most programs on CNN are actually just 30 minute adverts for the USA. Even the weatehr reports are crap.

I left the apartment at 1pm and, after a long search, eventually suceeded in finding the New Deli Indian restaurant I had spotted a few days before. I had had a strong craving for curry when I got up this morning, and although it had faded slightly I felt it wisest to satisfy my craving instead of eating pizza.

I was the only customer, and the waiter was lonely so my three and a half hour lunch inolved a lot of conversation. The food was first class, and there was a lot of it. I had am Indian soup to start with which was creamy and peppery. This was followed by a potato pakora with mint sauce. My main course was chicken curry and lentil curry served with rice and nan bread. I drank "Silver Lining", an alocohol-free coctail of pineapple, chopped fruit, chocolate sauce and cream. I also had two glasses of mango lassi(a yogurt drink) For desert I had something made from dried milk, deep fried and served with a honey-syrup. After that I had a fruit ice cream sundae and a cup of Masala tea. Although most people know me as "Karamoon, prince of Tokyo" I felt far more like a king eating such a decadent lunch on a Thursday afternoon.

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