Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Into The Wonderful

I ate some bread and cheese, and then did some reading. I called Ani, the Armenia girl I met in Heathrow, and we arranged to meet at 9:30am tomorrow for a walk and some tea.

I was tempted to stay in the apartment reading and writing all evening, but thought better of it in the end. I set off for a walk at 6pm with no clear plan. I performed a kind of linear search for adventure, walking along the route that Evelina and I had taken, but turning off the route every few minutes to explore a side road, and then returning to the route. It was a search method I had learnt from the SAS survival handbook, and it's used to locate people who have gone missing on a path or a river...

I got to an Internet cafe that Evelina had spotted on our walk, and I spent an hour writing emails, chatting on SDF and trying to log into my Blogger account. Every time I logged into Blogger I was taken to the blog of an Armenian girl who must have used the computer prviously to blog. Clearing the cookies and cache failed to help. I resolved to try again tomorrow. The Internet cafe charged 400 Armenian drams, which is slightly less than one US dollar.

I left the Internet cafe and walked back to my apartment. It was only 8pm and I didn't feel like staying inside so I set off for another walk. I wondered along the main road near my apartment in search of whatever Yerevan had to offer.

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