Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Long Walk To Freedom

With the aid of a map, and a keen sense of smell, I navigated my way to Freedom Square. Not much to write home about sadly, just some statues, dusty trees and cafes. I walked to Marshots Avenue, to look for the day-trip pickup point which I would have to be at on Monday morning. A wedding had evidently taken place somewhere, and those involved were driving alond the road, making a great deal of noise. The more noise they made, the clearer it became to me that I didn't give a fuck about the wedding, and in fact I just wanted them all dead. I had an image in my mind of the cars piling up in a twisted mess of fire death and confetti. Despite my telekinetic effortsm the dream did not become reality so I decided to get something to eat instead.

I chanced upon a basement cafe called Teapot. Everything in the cafe was yellow, which I found mildly distressing after a while. I ordered a sandwich, mashed potato, mineral water and Chinese jasmine tea. I left shortly after 4pm.

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Micah said...

Great weblog! But you need to do some sort of "This is where I am and this is why I'm here" kind of post. Took me a while to figure out where Yerevan is.