Tuesday, August 16, 2005

After The Bomb

I woke up many times during the night and early morning, each time vowing never again to have caffinated drinks after 8pm. I finally got up at 9:15 am, exhasted and in quite a lot of pain. I had slept with my arms twisted under my body and had had vivid and disturbing dreams involving the deaths of many people, none of whom were Condelise Rice.

Ani arrived at 9:30 am and we went for a walk. Ani pointed out places of interest although most of them involved "famous" Armenians who were unkown of outside Armenia, at least by me anyway.

We had some tea at a bistro and I tried to eat a breakfast of bread and chicken salad.

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..|.. said...

I CANT BELIEVE YOU WENT TO ARMENIAN WITHOUT ME!!!! I hope you enjoy it.. BTW I will be in Germany in December believe it or not!