Sunday, August 14, 2005

Airbourne at last

At 9am I was finally on a plane, going somewhere. I slept through most of the flight, although I was woken up a couple of times by the air-hostesses.

I arrived in Prague at 11:40 am and walked around the departure lounge, which was infinately better than those of eathrow and Stanstead, mainly because it contained a bigger range of shops that I would actually want to go into.

I found a "Japanese" restaurant and ordered yaki-tori(Chicken kebab), tenpura udon(fried fsh with noodles), rice and miso(soya) soup with green Japanese tea. The food wasn't too bad, considering the Chef was Chinese.

I found some very uncomfortable chairs to sleep on in a quiet-ish place and slept for four hours, waking up once an hour.

I got up and bought a couple of bottles of water, and a copy of Wired magazine. The water was refreshing, but Wired was almost unreadable. It was utter crap from beginning to end. There were only a few real articles, of which only one was of any substance and quality. To compound things, it was the July issue, and thus out of date anyway.

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