Friday, August 19, 2005

Walking The Streets In Search Of Eats

At 6:30pm I managed to have my first proper meal since arriving in Yerevan four days ago. I found a bistro called Cafe Luna and ordered chicken soup followed by chicken fillet in a tomato, herb and sour cream sauce, with rice and bread. I thought the sauce might be too rich for me, but I needed something very appetising or I wouldn't have been able to pursuade myself to eat it. The food was excellent, and I regained some of my appetite. It was great to be sitting outside, watching the world go by and thinking about what direction the next few years of my life will take me.

Like most Englishmen abroad, a considerable percentage of my time is spent writing lists.
Things I shall do before the year is out:
(1) Build a geodesic dome
(2)Get an article published in a national newspaper
(3)Watch every episode of Monkey! in order
(4)Be good at something

Foods I will eat more often
(2)Seasonal vegetables

Things I shall do to improve my quality of life
(1)Phone people more often
(2)Exercise twice daily
(3)Sleep even less than I currently do
(4)Set up wireless Net access at home
(5)Write more letters
(6)Laugh at idiots
(7)Watch Taxi Driver at least once a month
(8)Reclaim the parks of Norwich, by force if neccessary

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