Monday, August 15, 2005

The First Morning(Not the Creation one, the other First Morning)

I took a long and relaxing bath, and ate some food that Evelina had kindly provided for me.

When Evelina arrived at 12 we walked to the tourist information office. Like many countries that British tourists seldom visit, the biggest danger is simply getting run over while crossing the road. Trying to get to where you want to be is a complete nightmare. Although there are pedestrian crossings, the timing on them is a joke, and far worse, they use the US system where turning cars have priority over crossing pedestrians, or at least don't have a red light. In the UK, when the green man lights up to say it's safe to cross, it generally is as all the cars get red lights. I also doubt that many of the cars here would pass UK safety tests. On a couple of occaisions Evelina and I had to cross six lanes of traffic, most of which wasn't in any particular lane...

The tourist information office gave me some tourist information, the most useful of which consisted of a map of the centre of Yerevan.

Evelina and I walked the streets, drank iced tea, and walked some more. Evelina had plans for the evening, and needed some sleep, so she went home after walking me to my apartment.

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