Saturday, August 13, 2005

Waking up in Stockwell

I woke up at 6am. Spending the night on Phin's camping bed had been relatively comfortable although my bad felt a bit stiff. As I lay on the bed thinking about getting up, I thought about my future. It's certainly time for me to be more adventurous and start some of the many projects I've been planning over the past few years. Meeting BBC World Affairs Correspondent Jill Mcgivering in Heathrow airport could turn out to be a very important event in my life, as long as I don't waste the opportunity. Since coming back from Tokyo I've been painfully aware that I could have done so much more there. It's very clear to me that a little bit of decisive action on my partduring the next six months or so will allow me to do things that most people would find impossible.

Phin appeared at 8 am. It was decided that we should have croissants for breakfast. He went out to buy some while I tried to think what kind of hat I would need to make a sucess of my futre in...

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