Friday, August 26, 2005

Thoughts On Fashion

Several fashion trends have upset me deeply over the past few years. The following is an analysis f the said trends and why I find find them so distasteful.

(1) Girls wearing skirts and trousers simultanously
What the fuck is up with these girls? I heard that they wear skirts over jeans etc. to disguise the fat that they have a fat arse. Doesn't this practise just highlight the fact that their arse is too big? The girls in question should do us all a favour and drag their fat fucking arses into a gym.

(2) Girls wearing Playboy-brand clothing
For fuck's sake. Playboy is a porn mag. It makes a sickening amount of money from the pathetic exploitation of women. The girls who wear Playboy clothing should be fucking shot. No warning, no discussion, just two shots to the back of the head. It may sound like a harsh course of action, but really it's the most humane thing to do.

(3) Chinese writing on clothing
The beginning of the end for Ikea was when they started selling wllpaper with meaningless sequences of Chinese characters dotted all over. Nothing proclaims "I'm a fuckwit" more strongly than a t-shirt with the Chinese character for water on the front. What the fuck is it supposed to mean? "I like water"?, "I very much hope to work for the water maketingboard of Great Britain someday"?, "My name is Water, pleased to meet you"? The only possible use for Chinese on a t-shirt would be to write "If you can read this you should fuck off back to your own country, but give me sweet-and-sour-chicken with egg-fried rice and wonton soup first"

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