Friday, August 12, 2005

Internet TV sucks

Spent most of the early morning struggling with the Internet TV in the hotel room. Every few minutes it would reset, possibly because of trying to load the Japanese character sets used in the subject lines of the emails in my inbox. I gave up after a while.

I got through to my travel agent, Charlie, around 10:30 am. He said he'd look in to all the different options that are available for me to get to Armenia, and give me a call back. He called about 15 minutes later saying I could fly out tomorrow from Stanstead if I wanted to. I asked him to book the flight for me but a few minutes later he called back saying that the option had fallen through but that there were a few more. In the end I decided to fly on Sunday 14th aitch Czech airlines from Stanstead. I'll be flying via Prague, and unfortunately the connecting flight doesn't leave until 9 hours after I arrive. At least I'll be able to visit Prague again. I'll arrive in Armeina at 4:15 am on Monday!

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