Saturday, August 20, 2005

A Splishin' And A Splashin'

I really must avoid caffeine at all costs. I had great difficulty in getting to sleep last night, which wouldn't have been so bad if I had had something better to do than read Wired and watch CNN, two of the must mind-dumbing activities in existance. At least I've learnt never to travel without a laptop and/or some good books.

Over a period of a couple of hours I drank another litre of Oral Rehydration Therapy solution, and ate two shortbread biscuits that I had been given at Heathrow airport. The ORT solution tasted like sweetened seawater and the biscuits were slightly gritty. I then had a shower, which turned out to be a rather tricky endevor. The small bathroom in the apartment contains a toilet, a washbasin and, connected to the taps, a shower. There is a small drain near the base of the washbasin pedestal, but the tiled floor doesn't slope towards it and there seems to be no designated space in which to stand while showering. I took everything out of the bathroom that I thought might suffer water damage and placed it in the kitchen. I then showered as best I could, trying to get as muchof the water into the sink as possible although water still covered most surfaces of the bathroom after a short period of time. It was a nerve-racking experience, but in the end, even the elemental power of water was no match for my interlect and skill. After my shower I took a couple of hours to compose myself, and then left the apartment.

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