Saturday, March 18, 2006

Workers Of All Lands, Unite!

Had a fantastic anti-war demonstration in London. 43 of us went from Norwich on a coach. I was intending to study on the coach, but it was too noisy. It particular, a childish young lady sitting next to me kept eating noisy food and giggling.

While we were waiting to start the march, I walked up and down beside the mass of people, looking for good photo opportunities. At one point a young boy offered me a sticker. I took it, partly because I wanted to be polite, and partly because I like free stuff. I glanced at the sticker, and instantly recognised it. I spun round to see Blog-God, Tim Ireland, standing a short distance away! I shook his hand and explained who I was. He remembered me, and suddenly I had run out of things to say. This is generally what happens when we meet our heroes.

I don't take part in demonstrations, because they are silly. I do however, like photographing them and generally seeing all the strange people etc. I occasionally find them quite moving.

Took lots of photos, some of which came out very well. It's a lot of fun using digital, and the 5 megabit quality is very reasonable. Will post some here soon; at the moment the Blogger photo server is not responding.

Got back to Norwich, tired, satisfied and good-looking.

Ate soup, did some study and went to bed.

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