Sunday, March 19, 2006

Growing Enthusiasm

In order to boost my morale, I watched the third episode of a documentary series called "Triumph Of The Nerds" made for PBS television in the US in 1996. The series tells the story of the PC and includes interviews with lots of Microsoft, Apple and IBM employees.

Recieved lots of phonecalls, some PSTN, some GSM and some VoIP. I'm tempted to sign up for the Skype service which allows you to have a local access number for your VoIP Skype phone. There's a monthly charge, but I think it's quite low.

Got quite a lot of study done in the evening. At this rate, I'll learn my about computing in 2006 than I have learnt in total up til now. It feels great.

Baked a very good marmalade cake. I don't particularly like fruit cake, but the recipe for this one is exceptionally good.

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