Sunday, March 05, 2006

House Of Games

I went to see Keiko, Xanthi and Yumiko at lunchtime. I find it very relaxing to chill out in their flat, away from the usual stresses of daily life.

We ate several Japanese dishes for lunch, my favourite being zirashi zushi which is sushi rice topped with strips of omelet, seaweed and vegetables. Keiko had made a couple of desserts, possibly as a joke.

I played the Norwich-edition of Monopoly with Keiko and Yumiko. We were unable to finish the game. I don't remember ever finishing a game of Monopoly properly, and I'm not sure I want to play it anymore.
I note on Wikipedia that playing time for a game of Monopoly is put at being between 1.5 and 6 hours.

Keiko and I watched The Bourne Identity followed by The Bourne Supremacy. Although I usually dislike Hollywood action films but I think both Bourne films are exceptionally well made and I very much enjoy watching them. Any film staring Brian Cox is always worth watching. Very good car chases and few silly explosions make the Bourne films stand out among run-of-the-mill action films.

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