Tuesday, March 07, 2006

fish and chips

I spent all day studying and trying not to fall asleep. I should probably spend the next couple of months concentrating on studying for, and passing, exams. I'm currently trying to spend more time relaxing and socialising but I'm not sure if this is the best way. I may feel better overall if I just focus on studying.

Ate some fish and chips, mainly because I wanted to leave the house. I went to "Lim's Fish And Chips", about 10 minute's walk from my house. It's not a good chip shop. The chips aren't particularly tasty, it's not very cheap and the selection of food available is very limited. On the other hand the portions are impressive and the staff are very friendly.

I ate my fish and chips while listening to an episode of the radioshow Brian Damage from 3 rd June, 1989. It is a show that I've heard a couple of times before. It covers the Tiananmen Square Massacre. You can listen to the show here: Brain Damage

I got a lot of study done today, and I only ate half the chips for lunch, meaning I was able to have a tasty and fun meal in the evening consisting of chips and cheese cooked in the microwave.

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