Thursday, March 09, 2006

Lies, Damn Lies And Statistics

After work I took a bus to the university. I hate busses. If I could accurately convey may hatred of busses to you, my dear reader, you'd probably die. The bus took about an hour and cost £1.80. I didn't kill anybody on the bus but it was touch-and-go at times.

I eventually got to the flat of my friend Yoshiko who needed help with some statistics coursework. It's been years since I studied practical statistics. I had some statistics modules in the first year of my mathematics degree but they just covered proofs of various statistical formulae as opposed to the practical use of statistical techniques. As I sat there, next to Yoshiko, reading about hypothesis testing, my mind drifted back to the time, many years ago, when I realised statistics has no basis in reality. It's just all nonsense.

We ate a light meal of rice and vegetables with Japanese miso soup(made from fermented soya) There is something very comforting about simple Japanese food. It goes without saying that the meal made me miss Japan.

I left shortly after midnight but didn't get home until after 1 pm due to time well spent in a phone box. As I walked through a large park to get home, I came acrosss two beautiful swans on one of the ponds. Such moments of peace and beauty make my life bearable, almost.

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