Saturday, March 11, 2006


An amazing number of people joined the anti-war demo in Norwich today. I think there were around 170 of us. We gathered in a park in the city centre and, once everyone had arrived, set off on our march, waving banners and placards.

The march was very short, but I still got some good photos. I was using a friend's digital camera. Although the zoom wasn't very good, it was 5 megapixels and had a decent flash. The police had closed some sections of road for us to walk along, which made us feel quite important:)

Ate some Cornish pasties for lunch. They were tasteless and overpriced. Drank a can of Coke. I know it's evil, but it's still seriously cool hacker drink.

A girl approached me while I was watching some lame speeches, and gave me a brochure. I interrorgated the girl about the brochure, which listed various shops in Norwich where one can buy Fairtrade food. Fairtrade is an Oxfam initiative to pay farmers in developing countries a fair price for cash crops such as sugar, tea and cocoa. She seemed quite knowlegable and, when pushed, seemed to agree that Fairtrade is a bit crap.

When I got home I took a look at the photos I had taken, and ate some soup. I seem to be eating almost nothing but soup at the moment. The soup I eat isn't very good, and nor is my life. Is there a connection?

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