Friday, March 31, 2006

Sweetness At The Sugar Hut

Went to a pub with my friend Keiko after work. Lots of harshness. Some fucking middle-aged fuckwits were drunk and were causing trouble. The owner of the pub asked them to leave and things started to get nasty. We escaped. I was going to return with an axe, but we had to meet some friends for dinner.

Went to The Sugar Hut, a very mediocre Thai restaurant. The others (Xanthi, Yoshiko, Yumiko and two others of little consequence) were waiting for us.

The restaurant owners had put too many tables in the restaurant and had squeezed far too many chairs round the tables. It was impossible to get up from the table without pushing your chair completely away from it. The food was not too bad, but it certainly wasn't worth the money.

Had a pleasant walk home in the mild evening air with Keiko and Xanthi. It's so great that the evenings are warming up. I still think England's crap though...

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