Friday, March 10, 2006

Can You Fly, Bobby?

Recieved two deliveries from Amazon this morning. Separate delivery companies. Kind of stupid. The first was a high-end headset made by Plantronics. I bought it partly for chatting on Skype and partly for doing radio shows. The second delivery consisted of the last three issues of Make magazine.

I spent the evening taking down anti-war posters in the city centre to help ensure that Norwich Stop The War doesn't get prosecuted by the fascist City Council. Somebody in the council saw the anti-war posters, discovered who had put them up, and then decided to threaten us with prosecution. Although the posters that I put up were on public notice boards, and thus perfectly legal, some of the others may have been on council property. I thought I ought to help out as fines for flyposting can be up to £20,000.

After spending several hours scraping and scrubbing posters off walls, we headed to a pub for a quiet drink. The first pub we found was having a beer festival, so it was packed. The second pub had very noisy karaoke. The third was crowded, noisy and smoky but we didn't have the energy to look for somewhere else. And so it was that I spent an hour in a very harsh environment, drinking sickly sweet lemonade and trying to hear my friends over the noise. Some of the music played was exceedingly good, which partly made up for everything else.

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