Monday, February 27, 2006


I devoted the majority of the day to study. I was relatively successful, although I won't know how successful I've been until I take my next exam.

At 5:30 pm I went to the university for yet another showing of "The End Of Suburbia: Oil Depletion And The Collapse Of The American Dream". It was the 5th time that I had seen it, and it hasn't got any better. About 80 people attended the screening, although only about 30 stayed for the discussion afterwards. I'm getting increasingly concerned by the use of mock-scientific arguments regarding environmental issues. I shall write an essay on the Peak Oil theory soon, and shall post it on Tokyo Robotnik for all to see.

I'm currently reading "The Futurological Congress" by the Polish author Stanislaw Lem. It's a satirical science fiction novel I read it over 10 years ago, but amazingly I can still remember many parts of the book. Like Lem, I generally think science fiction is poorly-written junk. I don't read much of it, but the little that I do read is always great.

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