Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Eyes And Mind Of God

My friend Keiko came over in the morning for some help with an essay she was writing. It was very heavy going but also intellectually stimulating. I learnt a lot about Bourdieu's concept of culture although I'm not sure when it will come in handy.

Keiko and I watched "Stop Making Sense", a film/documentary of a Talking Heads concert. The DVD includes an interview with David Byrne, an unusual aspect of the interview is that Byrne interviews himself, as several different interviewers. Very strange.

One must strive to see things with clarity and thus make decisions with certainty. This can be called having the "eyes and mind of God". While giving my friend Suzi an account of what happened at EASF I suddenly understood something that I had been unable to see at EASF on Saturday. It's likely that this sort of thing will occur with increasing frequency as my mind gets stronger.

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