Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Switch, The Witch And The Cupboard

A good friend of mine took me out for lunch. We ate a traditional English roast in a pub. Following tradition, it was of pretty poor quality.

I left the city centre and walked to the university to correct the English in my friend Keiko's essay. We cooked Japanese cream stew which we ate with our friend Yoshiko. Our friend Yumiko was unable to join us because she had foolishly arranged to eat some Greek pizza elsewhere.

A cupboard in Keiko and Yumiko's flat had been left unlocked by the cleaner. As well as the usual cleaning equipment, the cupboard held a small computer equipment rack which contained a network switch and some patch panels. I was tempted to unplug the cables and randomly reconnect them, but I'm able to resist temptation due to my unusually strong willpower.

On my way home I found myself in a phone box where I spent approximately an hour. Make of that what you will.

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