Thursday, February 02, 2006

Dr Givingsome, I presume.

When I woke up at 7:30 this morning I coughed up some blood and found that I had lost my voice, and to some extent, my will to live. I tried some anti-bacterial mouthwash and some throat sweets but my voice didn't return. I called work and left a messege saying I wouldn't be in and then made an appointment to see a doctor.

On my way to the doctor's surgery I took a short detour through a new housing development. I walked around the development for about 15 minutes without seeing anybody else. It's a very creepy place. I'll post some photos soon.

My appointment was at 10:10 am but I didn't get to see Dr Harris until 10:35. She said that I have a viral chest infection and therefore there was no point in prescribing me antibiotics. I'm not sure that I agree because I think I have a bacterial infection in my throat, she probably thinks it will just go away.

When I returned home I ate soup and played with my cat Tabetha. Tabetha was recently taken to the vet where she had her claws clipped, she is very unimpressed.

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