Sunday, February 05, 2006

Soho, So Low

Phin, Amy and I wondered around Chinatown for a while. Everytime I go to Soho a couple more shops and restaurants have closed. We spent a long time in a Chinese supermarket looking at many different Asian foods that were too heavy and too expensive for me to buy.

In the afternoon we headed to an art gallery in search of the Laughing Cavalier. We found it.

The 8:30pm train service to Norwich was partly replaced by bus service, increasing the journey time from 2 hours to 3 hours. The battery in my Apple Powerbook was only half charged but I was still able to watch 3 episodes of "Black Books", a comedy series I borrowed from Phin and Amy on DVD. It wasn't really my kind of thing but it was a very welcome way to pass the time.

Got home shortly after midnight. One can't return to Norwich without wanting to burn it to the ground.

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