Wednesday, February 01, 2006


British Telecom have fucked up our Internet access at work. Fortunately my boss recently bought a GPRS card for his laptop, so I was at least able to check email and do some light web surfing. It highlights the importance of having a couple of different ways to access the Net.

After work I attended a vigil for the 100 British soldiers and 100,000 Iraqi civilians who have been killed in Iraq since the UK and USA invaded. The vigil lasted about an hour, by the end of it my body was ice-cold. The same as usual:)

Feeling very, very ill. Having the 'flu isn't so bad but whenever I try to breathe deeply I just start coughing painfully. Although I'm not, strictly speaking, a "real" doctor, my diagnosis is: "The onset of old age, and a general lack of satisfaction with daily life".

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