Saturday, February 25, 2006

My Life Is A Tapestry

In the early hours of this morning I watched episode six of The IT Crowd on the Channel Four website. Exceptionaly good, and sadly the last in the series.

At 10:30 I walked into the city centre to meet a friend. I spotted her walking to the cafe where we had agreed to meet, and walked in her shadow for about 10 minutes. She paused to let me overtake her, and then saw that it was me. This kind of thing amuses me greatly.

We took morning tea in a very comfortable cafe(I in fact had hot chocolate, my friend had coffee), and discussed subject ranging from daily life in England to how old people's bones break.

Making a new friend is always a positive experience for me, but sometimes it's far beyond what one might expect. I shall write on this at length sometime in the near future.

My friend and I went to Norwich cathedral to see the Quaker Tapestry. It's a bit like the Bayeux Tapestry in France which depects the invasion of Britain in 1066. The Quaker Tapestry depicts the history of the Quaker movement, a subject that is far more interesting than it sounds. I was unaware of how anarchistic the Quakers were, rejecting the hierarchical system that Christianity and other releigions are usually based on. I was also unaware of the fact that the Quakers were persecuted in England; one of the most moving panels in the tapestry showed a group of Quakers holding a meeting in the rubble of a Quaker meeting house that had been destroyed. The founder of the Quakers, George Fox, was imprisoned for, amongst other things, refusing to pledge allegiance, use titles of respect and remove his hat in court.

Lunch was less than satisfactory, as is often the case in Norwich. I had a prawn-mayo baguette and a very dry piece of carrot cake. Next time I'll opt for the soup.

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