Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Life Is A Vampire, Sent To Drain

Somehow I managed to get up shortly after 8 am for my Chinese lesson with Yi. Every time I use Skype I love it more. The lesson was very tough because Yi was teaching me the four different tones for Chinese syllables. Needless to say they all sounded very similar to me.

My mobile has been ringing constantly throughout the day. I don't remember being this busy for several days. Life would be easier if I had a reliable way to access the Internet while out and about. Most of the phone calls I got today were about various emails, having them in front of me would have helped greatly. I also need a better voice mail system. It will be quite a long time before I have any money, so I'll be without mobile Net access and happiness for the foreseeable future...

I still feel like I waste a lot of time. I must get more organized and more focused. I'm going to try to get into media this year although I'm not sure whether I should go for TV, radio or journalism. I guess I should try to get into all three. I have an idea for a comedy blog which may or may not work. I'm going to ask my good friend Phin if he'd like to be involved. Yet another exciting project in my action-packed, fun-filled so-called life.

In the evening I got a yet another phone call: "Do you want to live in my squat in London?" The offer was from PHM, a friend of mine I know through The Super Dimension Fortress. PHM plans to start a squat in London this summer with several people from SDF. It's something I definitely want to be involved with, so I should probably think about quitting my job soon.

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