Saturday, February 11, 2006

Running On Empty

I went to the second meeting of the Norwich Campaign Against Climate Change at 10:30 this morning. I didn't manage to get up until 9:50 am and the meeting was in the city centre, 30 minutes walk from my house. After running to the meeting I was a bit out of breath but I still managed to argue with everyone else at the meeting. They didn't stand a chance against my superior wit and wisdom:)

Against my better judgment, I decided to watch the forth episode of Channel Four comedy series "The IT Crowd". It has improved since the first episode, but not much. If you have fast Internet access you can watch the episode online on the Channel Four Website.

I've found the power adapter for my scanner!!! As a result, I'll be able to add some interesting stuff on Snack Fan Japan. Please take a look and post some comments. I'll add something to Nihon Tasty in the next few days.

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Chi-chan said...

The channel 4 website said:
'We're sorry, but users outside the UK cannot access The IT Crowd'