Thursday, January 05, 2006

Work is Teh Suxor

I've been back at work for two days and already it's killing me. As far as jobs go, mine is fantastic. I work with great people, little is expected of me and things are generally fun. The pay is very low, but that;s not such a huge deal. The problem is that I just hate work. Working sucks so much. It steals my time and my soul and my will to live and my hair. How long must this go on??????

A bunch of SDF users from the UK will meet up next month in London. I'm very excited about it as it could become a regular thing. I'll probably give a talk on something very technical. Or not.

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Stella said...

Ed sent me your website, very nice and I support your list of fave films, especially Lawn Dogs which is a gem that sadly not enough people have heard of.
I like your blog too - I'll second the notion that work sucks, which is why I'm a workshy layabout, leeching off the system on jobseekers at the moment. Sadly I start work in a week... just thinking about it fills me with despair and fear.