Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sunday, Cruddy Sunday

I watched Lost In Translation while doing some stuff for the Tokyo Robotnik website.
I watched it partly because I had to and partly because I had been discussing it with some other SDFer's last night. Watching Lost In Translation is a way of returning to Japan for me.

Next time I meet someone really stupid, I'm going to hit them, very, very hard, just so they know what it's like to be both stupid and have a broken jaw. The inspiration for this comes from the character Kelly in Lost In Translation, a girl so dumb she deserves to be shredded. It is alleged that Kelly is based on Cameron Diaz.
I quite like the idea of being famous for beating the stupidity out of people.

I watched Wargames with the commentary on. The things we do...
I went swimming this evening but, as usual, spent most of my time in the steam room and sauna. When I got back I ate an exceedingly large bowl of stirfried noodles with chicken and oyster sauce.

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