Sunday, January 29, 2006

Friendship Month

Met my friend Phil for lunch to plan our radio show. We got a lot done and I feel we have a good chance of getting a show. Initially the show would just be for four weeks as the radio station will be using a temporary license but later it would be every week forever:)

Ate lots of soup today, and some bad curry. Drank two pints of coke, some Lemsips and some hot chocolate. Avoided sweets, so maybe things aren't too bad.

AG emailed me this evening. Among other things, she said that she is going to dedicate the whole of February to keeping in touch with her friends by email, phone, letter etc. I too am going to do this. February is going to be my first and last "Friendship Month". From March onwards I'm going to be super-organised:
I'll use AIM/ICQ, MSN, Tor etc.
I'll start using VOIP
I'll send a card and letter to everyone who's address I have
I'll post to my blog at least twice a day
I'll call a friend at least once a day

Yet again I'm going to have to sleep in my sleeping bag, wrapped up in my duvet, just to have even the smallest chance of staying alive during the bitterly cold night.

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armorika said...

Hi my dear friend, are you having trouble staying warm, need a shot of cognac before going to sleep, it helps , really, plus you can have really great dreams:)
Way to go my friend, wow, you are going to be busy, time will fly... I am happy for you and for your radio show, I wish I could listen to it , I am sure you and your friends will do great.
Lets see, I think I have a pretty good idea where your picture was taken:) Nice to see Geghard on your site:) Take good care dear and stay warm, try using cognac with tea, and let me know how was it...see you