Saturday, January 07, 2006

Tokyo Robotnik Is Currently Recruiting!

Tokyo Robotnik is looking to expand its team. There are several oportunities with the web team at the moment, so if you are living in Japan and want to write for the Tokyo Robotnik site, please get in touch.

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Chichan said...

Yes, I'd love to send some report about Tokyo to Tokyo Robotnic! There was one article in a paper two weeks ago which told me how Japanese people, especialy in Tokyo, can't stand for waiting.
Now one of Japanese convenient stores, Family Mart, is testing new checking-out sysytem. They put a small tag with IC chip on every some food items and when you put the shopping bascket on the counter with the chip reader it can read all the shopping at once. They expect this system to reduce lunch-time rush. They reserched that the system can save averagely 10 seconds per one checking-out than the current system does. 10 seconds! but it's a big difference for Tokyo people.