Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Man With A Plan

I think I may be on the verge of getting a weekly local radio show. Hopefully I'll get a demo show recorded this weekend. So far the radio station, Future FM seems very enthusiastic.

"His motive[...], it's in his dreams"(Manhunter, 1986) Things are finally coming together. Soon Tokyo Robotnik will become something, something big and real and wonderful. Success will be when Karamoon and all his friends are working together, they shall be free. They cannot be stopped. Until then, Karamoon will continue to have sleepless nights, longing for the silence of the lambs.

I'm waiting in anticipation for the Datrecorder blog, which I imagine will cover all the crazy stuff that goes on in Birmingham, with photos and possibly podcasts as well. Watch this space.

Note: If you are reading this you should also be posting comments, reading Tokyo Robotnik and emailing me: karamoon at gmail dot com.

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