Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Dead And The Dying

I'm feeling truly shit. 'Flu, a sore throat, insanity, general irritability and bad hair are all conspiring to kill me. It's possible that I may last a few more days but, in case I don't, please take this opportunity to post some comments on my blog and email me: karamoon (at) gmail (dot) com

The sky was beautifully clear tonight so although it was fucking freezing, I spent quite a while watching the stars (and discussing the possibility of hijacking a space shuttle) with my friend Yoshiko.

On Tuesday I called British Telecom to inform them that the light and windows in one of my favourite telephone boxes were broken. The woman I spoke to claimed it would be repaired in couple of days. I assumed that she was on another planet yet today I noticed that they telephone box had been fixed. It just goes to show that I am great.

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T Cha said...

Love reading your blog, keep it up