Sunday, January 15, 2006

Later Than Late

It's been a long day. In the morning I went to a meeting to launch an envoronmental campaign group in Norwich. I then had lunch with Emily and then had tea with a bookseller who wanted advice on streamlining his business.

At 15:00 I met a friend of mine, Yoshiko for afternoon tea. Yoshiko is a petrologist studying Environmental Sciences at UEA. We went to a cafe near the telephone exchange and drank hot beverages of reasonable quality. Most of our discussion centred around undergroud exploration. Yoshiko has spent a great deal of time carrying out inspections underground and told me how I could find horizontal inspection tunnels called adit tunnels.

Yoshiko and I also discussed working conditions in Japan. Yoshiko recently worked for 90 days straight. Poor working conditions are, perhaps unsurprisingly, really fucking Japan up. The brith rate is dropping and the population is rapidly aging, meaning there won't be enough young workers to support the elderly.

On my way home I found a pay-phone and spent a couple of hours there. When I finally got home I couldn't sleep so I spent a few hours reading wikipedia. I finaly got to bed around 3am.

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