Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Princess And The Pea

This evening I got an email from a princess. I don't mean someone who is like a princess, I mean a real princess. She emails me occaisonaly, usually to cheer me up. Her email certainly did give me a much needed motivation-boost, which was most selcome as I was just about to give up everything. Although AG, as she is known, is a genuine, 100% authentic princess, she still has to do a day-job(she's a translator, a food-safety consultant and a philosopher, among other things) and, thankfully, she reads blogs.(Princess AG, if you are reading this blog today, please email me again!)

In other news, I've been hunting out all the tech stuff I have secreted around my house. Unbelievably, it all seems to work. I've now got a couple of Cisco routers set up by my main PC and loads of nice toys covering my desk.

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armorika said...

You make me smile, sure I will send you an email, I am still in the process of reading your blogs, want anything sweet, maybe will get to send you some chocolate, got banch this evening :)Love and all that comes with it...your AG