Friday, January 20, 2006

Sleep Stalking

Had a quick morning run with Ed. I had to cut it a bit short due to the fact that I was pretty much still asleep. Ed had some French boy in his flat who wouldn't leave. Sounded quite harsh.

Work has been hectic this morning. Just Em and I here, with a constant stream of students, phone calls, exams and enrolements. My teeth hurt.

A sales call today:
Twat: Can I speak to the owner of the business?
Karamoon: No, I'm afraid not.
Twat: Why not? Aren't they there?
Karamoon: We don't take sales calls.
Twat: This isn't a sales call.
Karamoon: It sounds like one.
Twat: I know but it isn't. This is 4UBusiness, I'm just calling about your
current mobile phone provider.
Karamoon: We don't take sales calls. Goodbye.[Hangs up phone and laughs]

Met Jon after work for a weekly haxor meeting. Nobody else turned up. We discussed tech support, Cisco, manholes and tunnels. On my way home I resisted the urge to spend several hours in a phone box.

Listened to "Off The Hook" and "Off The Wall" while looking for my Cisco routers.

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