Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Karamoon Who Came In From The Cold

At 12:30 am I met with Emily and some others from the Norwich Stop The War group at The Greenhouse Cafe, which is crap. The cafe had a few shelves of used books for sale. I bought "Lewis Carroll's Games And Puzzles" compiled by Edward Wakeling. It's published by Dover, my favourite publisher. Dover use great paper and bind their books very well. They also charge very reasonable prices. Please visit their site and buy some books!

I ate some Lemon Drizzle Cake, which was quite pleasant but I drank some kind of natural vegan Coke substitute. It tasted of medicine and made me want to kill.

We set up a stall in the city centre and spent a couple of hours handing out leaflets. It was very, very cold.

We returned to The Greenhouse Cafe where I had a drinkable cup of breakfast tea. We had lost some people due to the cold but those of us who were left, Emily, Vic, Peter, Jan, Luzie and myself, had a long discussion on how life will change over the next 10 years as natural resources (rapidly?) run out. We didn't reach many conclusions, the main question is whether to try to reverse the trend, or whether to find a remote place and set up an independent community.

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