Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Workhouse

Back at work after the 4-day Easter break. Sent a reply to the HOPE organising committee, stating that I would talk at HOPE.

Got an email from Amazon saying that they have sent out the two books on Turing that I ordered. I chose the free postage option, so it may be a few days before they arrive.

Got home to find that my ticket for HOPE had arrived. I wasn't expecting to be sent anything, and the shock of it has reminded me that HOPE is just a few months away and that I have to get some much organised during that time.

Listened to Off The Wall live on WUSB via their webpage. I was going to call in but they were having a fundraising drive so I wouldn't have got on air. It might be finished next week, in which case I'll call in then.

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