Saturday, April 22, 2006

I'll Be Frank

Woke up at 6:30 am. Failed to get out of bed until 8 am. Ran to the train station. Almost missed my train to Ipswich because I had to queue up for a ticket; the ticket machine was fucked.

Once on the train I booted up my laptop and watched a Peter Kay DVD. It helped me to ignore the other people on the train and thus I was able to spare them. Watching DVD's on trains is wonderful. You don't have to look at people, you don't have to hear them and you certainly don't have to think about them.

I had arranged to meet my friend Louis at train station at 10:10, unfortunately he had bus trouble so I had to hang around for a while. I spent my time well, playing with some payphones and catching up on some reading.

Louis had contacted Frank Carver, an Ipswich blogger, asking if he'd like to meet up. Louis and I played around with the wireless at Nero's, a scummy chain of coffee shops, until Frank joined us. The three of us chatted for several hours on subjects ranging from computing to computers:) When Frank left, Louis and I wondered around looking for things to hack. Didn't find much, possibly due to the fact that we live in England, which is pretty much a third-world country as far as technology is concerned. Left Ipswich at 6:40 pm, satisfied and slightly hungry.

Sat opposite a football hooligan on the train home. He called up several of his friends and told them how he had been arrested and was going to be banned from attending a football game for 12 months, and was also going to receive a fine. I have no interest in football or drinking, but the situation still seemed quite funny.

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