Saturday, April 08, 2006

Switching On To Ipswich

40 minutes from Norwich by train lies the town of Ipswich. It's really rather unpleasant. I had to brave the grimness of Ipswich in order to meet up with Simon and Louis to discuss the online presence of the East Anglia Social Forum. We plan to redo everything in the near future. This will probably involve me having to learn php, mysql, css, apache administration and various other random things which I don't have time to think about.

I got up late and, as a result, had to take a later train. On the train I watched a 9-11 conspiracy documentary on my Apple Powerbook laptop.

Getting to Simon's house was not easy. He lives in new housing development which sis not marked on most maps and which even my taxi driver was unaware of. Fortunately, I had written myself some instructions using Google maps. I had also looked at some satellite photos of the area.

I hate Windoze. I say many negative things about Microcrap and their third-rate software. Despite all that, Internet Connection Sharing rocks. In about 10 seconds the three of us managed to get Simon's broadband connection shared between our three laptops. No playing around with routing, NAT, DHCP etc.

We got quite a lot done, although the EASF website administrator failed to answer his phone or appear online so we were limited in what we could do.

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