Friday, April 28, 2006

On The Borders Of Borders

Spent a couple of hours in the SISJAC library, reading journals and catching up on Japanese news. The following two caught my attention:
"Osaifu Keitai", a new product from the Japanese mobile phone company NTT Docomo. "Osaifu" means wallet, "keitai" means mobile phone. This new type of mobile phone contains a contactless RFID chip allowing the user to pay for things etc. using it. Anything you pay for will just be added to your monthly mobile phone bill.
Tamagotchi are back! Tamagotchi were egg-shaped computer games in which you looked after a pet. They were very popular and very stupid, like Japan. "Tamagotchi-Plus" has an infra-red communications port and can also communicate with mobile phones. It's already proving very popular in Japan.

Studied in the library. I still hate the library. Nothing changes, but my hatred grows.

Did an interview for Tokyo Robotnik!!!!! Should be the first of many. I'll stick on the Tokyo Robotnik website when it's been written up, and then link to it from this blog.

Bought the current issue of "Giant Robot". Made me feel very old as I've lost touch with the music of today's youth. I'm really looking forward to going to the Giant Robot restaurant in New York this summer. Which reminds me, I still haven't got a valid passport. I haven't booked my coach to the airport yet either.

Met Richard for the 2600 meeting. Nobody else turned up so we wondered around for a while. We quickly became bored and hungry so we went to Olives Cafe for a sandwich followed by very good cake. I tried to get us thrown out of Olives by saying stupid stuff to Richard when the waiter was near, but was I unsuccessful.

Watched "The Curse Of The Jade Scorpion" with Richard. We also watched some martial arts stuff which included Japan's leading authority on martial arts, Dr Hatsumi, setting fire to the hair of the dumb-fuck BBC presenter.

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Chi-chan said...

"Osaifu-keitai" is not new to Japan any more being launched nealy two years ago. Maybe it's getting more popular now. Now people can go through JR train gate with the mobile phone if you have a contract for it with JR. The hottest thing now in Japan is probably "Nintendo DS". The supply hasn't caught up the demand. It's very difficut to get it unless you queue up for many hours on the on-sale date.