Friday, April 07, 2006

Insane In The Brain, Insane In The Membrane

Met my friend Shujing at the university. I was surprised to hear that two of her housemates have gone insane. How house has essentially been divided into two parts. Her housemates don't speak to her anymore. I remember her housemates being a bit strange, but it's funny to hear that they have completely flipped out.

Called British Telecom about 30 times today. I'm sick of their stupid staff and their stupid phone system.

Met Phil, Nev and Launa for the Norwich 2600 meeting. We went to a pub for a drink, and spent most of the time working out where we were going to eat. In the end we left and went to a pub with a restaurant upstairs. The food was crap. The potatoes had been frozen at some point. My cheeseburger was ok but what little salad there was was very limp. Conversation was quite poor too.

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