Friday, April 21, 2006

Our Computer Master

Only managed to say up until about 2:30 this morning. Work up at 8 and did a bit more study. Played around on the Net most of the morning and listened to lots of stuff on

Suddenly decided that I wanted to pass the exam(Thanks AG!) so I did some last-minute cramming.

I managed to pass my Microcrap exam this afternoon. I found the exam quite hard, and I used most of the time. The cramming earlier on today definitely made a big difference. I'm going to start studying next week for the next exam, which will probably be a Cisco one.

Wondering if I should forget about people for the rest of the year and just concentrate on computers. I'd have to stop all socialising, stop checking my email, stop using Skype, stop using instant messaging and keep my mobile off all the time. Much as I love my friends, it would be great to be at one with computers for the next 8 months or so...

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