Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Hot, Hot Heat

Very hot at work due to the very feeble air conditioner. It was Emily's birthday yesterday so she brought in a chocolate cake which her mother had made. It was very good and I ate a lot of it.

Got a sales call at around 3 pm. The woman claimed to be working for an independent research body, doing a survey on phones. I googled the organisation while she spoke to me, but couldn't find anything. She told me they had a website, but it wasn't working. I looked up the registration details of the website and found it was owned by a company called 4 Com. When I asked the woman if she worked for 4 Com, she hung up. I called 4 Com and spoke to the manager of the sales team. He claimed the matter had to be dealt with by one of the senior members of staff. Allegedly I'll be emailed next week about it. I threatened to pursue the matter with the police although I have no intention of doing so.

Spent the evening listening to stuff from

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