Monday, September 15, 2003

When The Wind Blows

This morning I bought:
(1) Designing with JavaScript
by Nick Heinle
(2) Java Server Pages and Servlets
by Mark Wutka
(3) Constructing Intelligent Agents with Java
by Joseph P. Bigus
(4) Java Examples in a Nutshell
by David Flanagan
(5) The Little book of OOP
by Henry F. Ledgard
(6) Learning UNIX OS
by Jerry Peek
Total cost was 20 quid, about 4000 Yen or 14 US$.

This afternoon I watched the Raymond Briggs animation "When The Wind Blows". It was very fucking harsh. Most of you will know of Raymond Briggs' animation "The Snowman" which was a bit dull. "When the Wind Blows" tells the touching story of two stupid old people surviving a nuclear strike on the UK and then dying of radiation sickness over the following couple of days. Although it's not very well made, it does remind you just how harsh and stupid war is and how appalling nuclear weapons are. It's enough to make you do something about it, or at least eat something.

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