Sunday, September 21, 2003

Do You Wanna Cyber?

Went to Blickling Hall. Got very lost while driving. Watched "Sonatine"(Takeshi Kitano). Watched a video of "Dr Who" on my own, late at night. For those unfamiliar with Dr Who, it was a BBC TV series that ran for about 25 years. As most of it was filmed in BBC TV studios episodes were far more like plays than TV programmes. Dr Who was always very low budget which resulted in rather odd costumes, the most famous being those of the various monsters that Dr Who and his female sidekick would have to deal with. The coolest robots were the Darleks and the Cyber Men. The Darleks main weapon was a hairbrush that had been spray painted silver and the cyber men sported big handles on the side of their heads.

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